Rapid changes in technology are affecting the types of work that we do and the way in which work is organized. Increasingly, platforms are a common denominator – whether they are performing new functions in traditional businesses or generating new business forms. The On-Demand Economy Conference gathers the leading thinkers at the intersection of technology and labor from academia, business, and policy with the goal of proactively answering the following questions:

  • How are on-demand platforms affecting the workers who participate on these respective platforms?
  • How big is the on-demand economy and how much more room does it have to grow?
  • To what extent does labor in traditional firms lose out as a result of these new platforms?
  • How do labor market intermediaries such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor change search and matching at a macroeconomic scale?
  • What are the biggest opportunities for digital platforms to improve the labor market?
  • Does the modern economy require a new social safety net and, if so, how should it work?
  • Should the old way of classifying workers into contractors and employees be redesigned?

The goal of this conference is to make substantial progress in answering these questions through empirically grounded discussion and debate. If these issues are of interest to you or your organization, we encourage you to attend.


Speakers and Moderators